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Custom Precision Molds
Made Right The First Time

When you’re quoting out your job to mold making shops there’s one question you need to ask yourself: “Do I want this done right?” As an industry leader we believe any other concern is secondary.

There’s a reason so much of our work is doing repair jobs on tooling that came from other shops. We have the experienced personnel and equipment at our Wisconsin CNC shop to get it done right.

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Custom injection mold manufacturing

AN Experienced Mold Making
Design Team

Our design team can work with your engineers to develop the ideal solution for your molding application. We’ll take CAD files, blueprints or specifications and create a fully fleshed out mold design that will perform to whatever standards you require.

 Our shop can produce molds from Class 101 to Class 105, for up to one million uses. We can also produce finished tooling significantly larger than our competition, from 50 to 6,600 ton press size.

  • stack
  • complex actions
  • insert molding
  • gas assist
  • multi shot
  • thermoset
Our design team builds complex tooling for injection molding

precision Mold MakingIs Our specialty

All mold making shops boast their dedication to precision, but few have a history of work to back it up. Our shop is capable of turning out finished product with tolerances as tight as 6/10,000ths over 140 inch span and 14/10,000ths over 23 foot span.

+_0.0006over 140 inch span and +_0.0014over 23 foot span

This is where CDM peels off from the pack to really set ourselves apart.

Want to see our workmanship first hand on your project? Contact us for a quote on your molding project

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Tool and die manufacturing

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