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Tailored Mold Solutions for Ohio Industries

CDM Tool is Ohio's leading custom injection mold manufacturer. Our team is equipped with the expertise and equipment to craft your custom mold to your exact needs. Choose CDM Tool for custom mold solutions crafted with extreme precision.


Expert Injection Mold Designers Find the Optimal Solution

CDM Tool maintains a commitment to transforming concepts into reality. Collaborating closely with your engineering team, our injection mold design experts will tailor solutions to meet your precise mold requirements. CDM Tool designs and manufactures injection molds for Ohio businesses from Class 101 to Class 105. Designed for durability up to one million uses. Choose CDM Tool for your custom injection mold needs.


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Ohio’s Precision Mold Makers

Our facility excels in producing finished products with extreme precision, achieving tolerances as narrow as 0.0006 over a 140-inch span and 0.0014 over a 23-foot span. Expect unmatched quality when you work with CDM Tool. Our team of designers, toolmakers, machinists, and management is here to make sure your plastic injection mold is a success.

Injection Mold Repairs for Ohio Businesses

Cut downtime and maximize production in Ohio with injection mold repair from CDM Tool. The team at CDM Tool is experienced in mold repairs. Leveraging our expertise, we excel in the efficient rectification of errors from previous mold implementations. Repairs from CDM Tool will enhance the overall quality of your molds.

When your injection molds require repair, CDM Tool stands out as the premier choice for comprehensive and high-quality repairs. In contrast to molds from other CNC shops that frequently suffer damage and premature wear, our commitment to excellence guarantees a prompt turnaround and enhanced functionality of your molds upon their return.

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