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Valued-added Services to Streamline Your Tooling sourcing

We didn’t take our place as a leader in the mold making industry by turning out lots of jobs as fast as possible, we did it by doing every job right from the first cut to the final finish. We’re able to do that by having the right equipment and expertise to finish and test every piece we touch so we can send it out the door feeling confident that it will meet or exceed our clients’ expectations.

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Quality Control Services

No workpiece is finished until it gets a thorough inspection by one of our toolmakers. Taking the extra time to thoroughly inspect a piece before it goes out to the customer is our way of defending our reputation.

Our finishing and QC capabilities include:

  • In-machine probe
  • FARO arm
  • 300 Ton & 100 Ton Fitting Presses w/ 96x69 inch platens & 78 inches of daylight
Finished tooling testing and inspection With Faro Arm

Mold Tryout & Sampling

We know how important our customers’ time is, to save as much of it as possible we offer in-house mold sampling and tryout for plastic injection molds. It can be a serious setback to get your tooling from the manufacturer and not realize a major flaw until it’s time to begin production.

Capabilities include:

  • 1000 Ton plastic injection molding press
  • 100-ton & 300-ton fitting presses


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Finishing up a custom mold project

Other Capabilities

If we listed every one of our capabilities and processes that we've perfected, you'd stop reading. We became a leader in the mold making industry by learning, adapting, and perfecting to get the best results for the given application. Our shop also features:

  • Tool & Surface Grinders
  • 100 Ton & 300 Ton fitting presses
  • polishing department
  • welding department
  • gas spring nitrogen charging
  • water line conditioning system
Mold fitting press & testing

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