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Multi-Axis Milling Equipment for Mold Making & Tooling

CDM Tool & Manufacturing uses FPT’s Pragma CNC machine for advanced precision milling. Featuring a 3+2 axis operation, this milling machine is capable of finishing workpieces faster and more accurately than conventional 3-axis machines. The FPT Pragma gives our CNC shop the ability to easily scale production when needed.

Why a 3+2 axis machine? Certain parts are produced more efficiently with a 3+2-axis machine over 5-axis milling machines. While 3+2 axis and 5-axis machines may sound the same, the FPT Pragma’s main difference over our FOOKE 5-axis machine is its position-locked cutting tool. A fixed position cutting tool provides more efficient milling of features into less complex parts. 3+2-axis and 5-axis machines are essential to our custom tooling and mold making capabilities and allow our CNC shop to serve several industries.

FPT Pragma CNC machine

FPT Pragma

  • machine type 3 + 2 axis

    Machine Type: 3 + 2 axis

  • capacity: 60,000 lbs

    Capacity: 60,000 LBS

  • cutting speed: 18,000 RPM

    Speed: 18,000 RPM

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