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Five Axis Machining

Our five-axis capabilities allow us to create precision parts not efficiently achievable through other processes.

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Vertical & Horizontal CNC

Our vertical and horizontal machines can handle up to 22,000 lb. capacities.

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Sinker EDM Machining

Electrical discharge machining allows us to remove minute amounts of material at a time, allowing created parts and molds to meet even the most demanding specifications.

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Gun Drilling

By pumping cutting fluid to the cutting edge of our boring tool, we can create holes in workpieces with a high depth to width ratio.

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Other Capabilities

CDM Tool & Manufacturing didn’t become an industry leader by completing as many jobs as possible. We got here by ensuring our work leaves fully inspected, tested, and finished. Learn more about our value-added finishing and testing capabilities.

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Mold Making with Extreme

Our team is among the best in the industry at bringing a mold from start to finish with precision. From design to finishing, we’ve built the skills, equipment and techniques at every stage of production. Our decades of plastic injection mold manufacturing have given us the ability to produce:

  • Molds for 300 ton presses and up
  • Class 101 to Class 105 
  • High-pressure, structural foam, double-shot (two shot) molding, stack molds, and overmolding
  • In-house tool welding
Mold Making

Perfectly Crafted Complex Molds

A Design Team that Pushes The Boundaries of What’s Possible

Our design team is an essential part of CDM’s ability to produce the highest-quality injection molds and tooling. The level of quality we expect from ourselves requires a joint effort between our designers, toolmakers, machinists and management. We make no excuses, point no fingers, and pass no bucks. We’re here to do it right the first time.

Design Capabilities Pre-production planning is critical to our service.

Contract Machining And Prototyping

We take on short-run and prototype machining jobs all the time. CDM’s equipment and expertise are exactly what it takes to make a new part into reality. We love a challenge, send us a file or drawing of your part and we can talk about what it’ll take to build.

Contract Machining Jobs

Why Choose CDM Tool & Manufacturing

Since we got started in 1962 we’ve operated on a quality-first philosophy. In the decades since then we’ve developed the best possible combination of innovation, technology, craftsmanship and design techniques to produce some of the highest quality plastic injection molds in the industry.

At CDM, there is no substitute for skill & craftsmanship.

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