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Custom Tooling Manufacturing Using Advanced EDM Technology

Sinker EDM is an essential machining process for any business built on precision. Using an electrode submerged in an insulating fluid, we can remove minute amounts of material to the tightest of specifications. Our sinker EDM machines allow us the machining capability to create parts that simply can’t be built with conventional cutting processes. Sinker EDM lends the ability to burn deep & thin areas that might not be achievable with traditional machining. Our Ingersoll Gantry 1300 has a 4’ x 8’ table, one of few in the United States.

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Advanced sinker EDM technology

Our Sinker EDM Capabilities

Ingersoll Gantry 1300 Sinker EDM machine

Ingersoll Gantry 1300

  • max submersion of 28.5"

    Max. Submersion: 28.5"

  • max electrode weight of 1500 lbs

    Max. Electrode Weight: 1500 lbs

  • RA MicroInch Finish of 63

    RA MicroInch Finish: 63

  • tank size of 51 x 87 x 36 inch

    Tank Size: 51 x 87 x36 inch

Mitsubishi EX30 Sinker EDM Machine

Mitsubishi EX30 (QTY 2)

  • max submersion of 16.5"

    Max. Submersion: 16.5"

  • max electrode weight of 8lbs

    Max. Electrode Weight: 8 lbs

  • RA MicroInch Finish of 32

    RA MicroInch Finish: 32

  • tool changes: 8 and 24 count

    Tool Changes: 8 and 24 Count

  • tank size of 27 x 19 x 13 inch

    Tank Size: 27 x 19 x 13 inch

CDM Tool & Mfg provides custom tooling manufacturing using advanced EDM technology in the states of Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Ohio, Indiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, and more. Get an estimate.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a sinker EDM machine?

Sinker EDM machines use an electrode submerged within an insulating fluid, such as oil or dielectric water, to remove minute amounts of material from a workpiece. Commonly used in the tooling and mold-making process, Sinker EDM machines are an important tool in the precision shaping process.

What are the advantages of EDM?

EDM, known as electrical discharge machining, is a non-traditional option that can cut into and shape material where traditional machining methods fall short. Advantages of EDM include the precise cutting of internal corners, the ability to shape thin walls, slots and other special part characteristics and cost savings from the lack of required special tooling.

Is EDM the same as CNC?

While EDM and CNC machines feature similar construction and tooling capabilities, EDM uses electrical discharges or sparks to cut through metal instead of the sharp cutting tools CNC machines use.

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