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Gun Drilling For Precision Machining

At CDM Tool & Manufacturing, we keep a range of specialty machining processes in our toolbox to tackle any mold making or machining job. Through gun drilling, deep holes can be drilled in a workpiece with extreme precision.

Using fluted drills with coolant pumped through, we can bore holes with an extremely high depth-to-width ratio. Our equipment and skilled machinists give us the edge in any job which requires gun drilling to complete. Contact us to get access to our gun drilling capabilities on your project.

Tarus Gundrill machine

Our Gun Drilling Capabilities

Our deep hole Tarus gundrill

Tarus Gundrill

  • size: 144 x 54 x 96 inches

    Size: 144 x 54 x 96 inches

  • depth and size ratings

    Depth: 0" - 60"
    Size: 0.437" - 0.937"

  • depth and size ratings

    Depth: 0" - 48"
    Size: 0.281" - 0.421"
    And: 1.0" - 1.375"

  • depth and size ratings

    Depth: 0" - 24"
    Size: 0.187" - 0.312"



  • 5 axes of CNC milling movement

    Machine Type: 5-Axis and Gun drill

  • Maximum workpiece size for FPT machine

    Size: 122 x 68.9 x 51.2 inches

  • Maximum workpiece capacity for FPT machine

    Tool Capacity: 66,150 lbs

  • Cutting speed of 18,000 RPM

    Speed: 4,500 RPM

CDM Tool and Mfg provides gun drilling for precision making in the states of Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Ohio, Indiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, and more. Request an estimate.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is gun drilling in machining?

Gundrilling, also called precision hole drilling, is a machining technique for drilling holes in a workpiece beyond the capability of conventional drills. Gun drill machining can produce deep holes in a workpiece with extreme precision.

What is the gun drilling process?

Gun drilling involves taking a gun drill bit with a small hold in the center to perform deep cuts. During the cutting process, high-pressure oil is injected through the center hole to force the escape of the excess material. The drill bit has a portion of its diameter removed for further evacuation of excess material.

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