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We Design Plastic Injection Molds For Over 7 Industries

CDM Tool crafts custom molds for plastic injection molding across industries. Our team is equipped with the machinery and know-how to deliver exceptional molds, the first time. Work with the industry leader, work with CDM Tool to make your vision a reality.

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From farm to table, the agricultural industry relies on precise and durable plastic parts. At CDM Tool, we utilize our expertise to craft high-quality custom plastic injection molds for the manufacturing of farming equipment.


CDM Tool's custom-engineered plastic solutions keep essential goods moving, from heavy-duty truck components to lightweight drone casings. Our team crafts molds for the plastic injection molding of plastic parts vital to the transport and logistics industry.


The medical industry demands precision and reliability, from delicate surgical instruments to life-saving implants. At CDM Tool, we craft high-quality molds used to manufacture the plastic parts that heal, diagnose, and empower.


CDM Tool crafts custom molds for adaptable plastic solutions in the construction industry. No matter the size or complexity, CDM works closely with construction professionals to produce high-quality molds to meet their exact needs.


CDM Tool crafts the molds for the plastic parts that make smart machines move, from nimble robotic arms to self-optimizing factories. Our team delivers molds for plastic injection molding to businesses in the automation industry that require precision and durability.


From whisper-quiet capacitors to weatherproof connectors, CDM Tool's precision plastic injection molds power progress in the electrical industry. Our team has the experience and expertise to successfully complete complex and sophisticated molds for electrical components.


The hardware industry demands high-performance and durable plastic components. The team at CDM Tool is ready to deliver exceptionally precise molds for plastic injection manufacturing in the hardware industry.

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CDM Tool is your source for high-quality, custom plastic injection molds. We turn your designs into reality, reliably and efficiently. Choose CDM Tool for molds that meet even the most demanding specifications. Get started today with a free quote.

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