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Custom Complex Action Molds

CDM Tool & Manufacturing expertly designs customized complex action molds for plastic injection molding. Complex action molds are sophisticated, multifaceted tools created through a single molding cycle to streamline production and reduce overall costs. Our 60+ years of experience in the mold manufacturing industry equips CDM to create complex action molds with the utmost precision and strictest tolerances possible.

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What is Complex Action Molding?

Complex action molding is a plastic injection molding process in which a single cycle creates a multi-dimensional mold with moving components. This specialized process excels in crafting items ranging from precise, small-scale elements to larger intricately shaped parts with multifaceted design attributes.

Complex Action Molding Advantages:

  • Created in a single molding cycle
  • Increased geometric precision
  • Reduced need for assembly and post-processing
  • Low material waste
  • Highly flexible and durable



Hire an Experienced Complex Action Mold Designer

Complex action molds require a higher level of design and more precise equipment than a standard plastic injection mold. CDM Tool & Manufacturing’s injection mold technicians combine the industry’s best tools with expert design solutions to create the best molds available. From CAD files, blueprints or specifications - we bring innovative ideas to life.

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