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Bring your concept to life with The Design Experience and machining facilities of cdm tool

CDM’s passion has long been taking “Ideas to Reality.” This is enabled by our long-standing expertise in design. Our team works intimately with you to provide feedback on part designs and solve the most complex problems in the industry. Give us a call to experience the passion and capability we bring to the table.

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CNC machining cutting heads

Custom Designed Tooling

Our design team is the biggest differentiator CDM offers to firms looking for plastic injection molds. Every new job begins with a meeting between the team that will be completing the job. Typically that means an engineer, a toolmaker/machinist and a member of management. After discussing potential challenges, the team outlines a plan and discusses what it will take to bring the project to life.

No project is complete until it passes across the bench of our expert tool makers for inspection. Their training and expertise ensure the final step in the manufacturing process is a meticulous inspection for quality.

Our design team uses CNC machining to turn prototypes into reality

Designed for

We design for manufacturability on every project we touch. Your success is our success. So whether you have a “cookie cutter” type project or something complex that others may shy away from, you’ll get our expert service from beginning to end every time.We don't say "It can't be done," we say

Challenge Accepted

In order to produce excellence on our manufacturing floor, we have to design excellence. To provide you with the best design, we must use nothing but the best. Our in-house design team has some of the most talented and unique designers that the industry has to offer. And then we put Siemen’s NX (formerly Unigraphics) in their hands and let them create. And the result is something that has been expertly crafted to meet and exceed your expectations.

Our design team working on a prototype piece of tooling

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