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Custom Multi-shot Molds

CDM Tool & Manufacturing specializes in designing custom multi-shot injection molds. Multi-shot molds are advanced injection molds made from different forms of plastic or different colors within one molding cycle. Trust CDM’s over 60 years of mold manufacturing experience to design and manufacture exceptionally precise multi-shot molds with industry-best tolerances.

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What isMulti-shot Molding?

Multi-shot molding is an advanced plastic injection molding process where a single molding cycle produces a mold made of two or more materials or colors. The versatility of multi-shot molds makes them an ideal option for parts requiring distinct material properties and multiple functions. CDM’s expert design and manufacturer processes develop top-of-the-line multi-shot injection molds. 

Multi-Shot Advantages:

  • Produced in a single mold cycle
  • Enhanced geometric accuracy
  • Durable multi-colored designs
  • Minimal material waste
  • Less assembly and finishing required


Hire an Experienced Multi-shot Mold Designer

Multi-shot molds demand advanced design and more precise equipment compared to regular plastic injection molds. CDM Tool & Manufacturing’s injection mold experts harness top-tier tools and skillful design strategies to craft highly functional and durable molds. From CAD files, blueprints or specifications - we bring innovative ideas to life.

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