About Us

When CDM Tool and Manufacturing began in 1962, we adopted a simple Quality First philosophy. Through the years, this philosophy has provided us with a clear corporate direction. It has allowed us to develop the best combination of innovation, technology, precision, craftsmanship and mold design techniques to produce plastic injection molds and molds for the plastic industry, these also include plastic compression molds, plastic vacuum molds, plastic twoshot molds and other precision tools.

The result is CDM’s ability to produce the highest quality, most competitively-priced plastic injection molds and precision molds for the plastics industry. Focusing on this level of quality requires a joint effort on everyone’s part. Our mold design team, toolmakers, machinists, and managers are committed to doing things right the first time. We make no excuses. We point no fingers. We pass no bucks. This no-nonsense way of doing business guarantees optimum performance and productivity from both our staff and the plastic molds we produce.

Today, our Quality First philosophy continues to provide direction in all aspects of our business. It compels us to cultivate the craftsmen of tomorrow through our top-notch apprenticeship program. It drives us to improve our accuracy and capabilities by aggressively investing in state-of-the-art technology and utilizing mold design techniques. It inspires us to plan for the future by modernizing and expanding our 50,000 square foot facility.

We are very proud of the direction CDM has taken over the last several decades – a direction that begins with a dedication to quality and ends with complete customer satisfaction.

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